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The Nightmare Is Over!!! by Motown

A very bitter end to Toine Week.

I can't believe we had to sit through a playoff series and watch Antoine Walker again in a Celtic uniform. There must be some special compensation in there somewhere for us. Maybe a few extra adult beverages???

No matter, his tenure here again is done. After a game or two where he tried to fit in it became obvious that he'll never change. He's actually gotten worse but he's not changed. How can a guy that plays so much, tries so hard and wants to be a star get worse and worse?? He should be in his prime but his skills are eroding day by day. He can't shoot from anywhere consistantly, running and jumping are outta the question, he's a turnover machine and his post defense is basically a "windmill" swipe as his man goes by.

Message to Danny - We know why you did it but have mercy on our souls and let Walker walk away. Do the token PR stuff if need be but move on to Big AL.

No sense piling on, reliving the past, going over what we already know etc... let's put AW in the rearview mirror and get on with the business of building a team that can win #17.

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