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Draft Overload

If I were a sponge, I'd be saturated right now. I've read so much about the draft that I can't keep the names straight and my head hurts. And the kicker is that I know I haven't even scratched the surface. This is why I respect the job of GMs around the league. Granted, this is their job, not their hobby. And if they are smart, they have a team of scouts helping them make judgment calls.

Still, the terminology of the stock market seems very adequate in describing this time of year. Everyone becomes a day trader, looking for any market inconsistencies to get the edge on the next guy. On the other hand, if you've been doing your research all along, you won't be fooled by fools gold and overperforming flashes in the pan (see: workout wonders).

What I've heard all along is that Taft is a punk and Villanueva won't play defense. As far as I'm concerned, those guys can try to prove their worth on someone else's team. Dee Brown is looking like a borderline first rounder, but he's been money his whole career. He's fast as all get-out too, so you can't argue that he's not an athlete. If he's around in the second round, he'd be tough to pass on. Same with Coppenrath. Maybe he'll never be a star at the next level, but you could do worse than have a guy on your team that knows how to play like that kid does.

Like I said, that's just scratching the surface of this stuff, and we are set to hear about several more workouts in the days to come. Chicago is starting up, we'll get to hear about measurements and, if we're really lucky, how much guys can bench. We'll hear about how so-and-so wowed everyone in their workout. Just like Troy Bell and Pavel Podiv..., Podkolv..., Podcan'tplayinthenba (or whatever).

I do love this time of year. Though I'd love it a lot more if we were in the Finals. Ahh to dream.

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