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Feeding the Portland Rumor

Sorry to do this. I know you guys don't need any more excuses to talk about possible Paul Pierce trade rumors. But I have to do it. I just have to.

From the Portland Tribune:

Nash says there remains a "strong chance" Portland will trade the third pick. The Blazers need a shooting guard, and the top ones in the draft aren't expected to go among the first seven or eight selections.

Or the Blazers could try to package the pick with the rights to veteran Nick Van Exel and his nonguaranteed $13-million contract to secure a veteran shooting guard such as Ray Allen, Michael Redd or Corey Maggette.

Of course, Paul's name isn't listed. So you could take that as confirmation that he's either not for sale, or Portland isn't interested. But he certainly fits the bill.

If nothing else, this is either confirmation that the rumor has some merit, or the Portland Tribune reads CelticsBlog (or one of the several other message boards that reported this rumor). The rumor won't die!

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