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Fast Breaks by Green 17

This installment of Fast Breaks comes courtesy of of Green 17. Here are his tiny tidbits of thoughts on random NBA issues:

  • Damon Jones! NOOOOOOO! Those were my words in game 7 of the Heat Pistons series when Jones inexplicably decided not to repost the most dominant post player in the last 30 years of basketball, who had just hit a string of jump hooks and converted nicely on foul shots. Intead a 6'11" journeyman PG decided to drive into traffic and attempt a floating 15 footer, which was promptly stopped with a turnover and game turning fastbreak the result. I'll never understand why Shaq's teammates do not throw him the ball in the post every time down the court. That bonehead move literally cost the Heat their season. Unbelievable how one play can wreck months of effort.
  • Pistons/Spurs final. Ugh. Really? This has the potential to be basketball at its most boring. I guess I'm rooting for the Spurs and the most uncharasmatic superstar in the history of sports. Spurs in 6.
  • I still vehemently dislike the Pistons. It's not even their current players, some of whom I actually like (Ben, Rip, Tayshaun, Darko), its the fans of Detroit. I don't want to see them win another one.
  • Seeing Tony Parker develop into an all-world PG makes me really angry. So glad we picked a kid who thought it was cool to wear what looked like a bed sheet with a giant Tweety bird on it and amazingly was a worse PG than he was a dresser (cough Joe Forte cough), over a guy who become one of the top 3 PGs in the league.
  • I don't get the Sports Guy's assertion of Manu as a bball villian. Who knew that Balky Bartokomous was a baller. Really though, I think Ginobli is fantastic and just what the NBA needed
  • I can't get into the draft. So many of these guys have bust written all over them. If Chris Taft isn't out of the league in 4 years I'll be shocked. Chad Ford's article of Channing Frye moving up the boards made me laugh. How is he any different from Loren Woods, the last "great" soft center out of Arizona?
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