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Peaking Over The Fence

Just thought I'd give a quick scan of this rumor from the Blazers perspective. Then I promise its the last I speak of it unless something actually happens. If this is really just some guy's idea of a good joke to pull on the internet (probably a 70% chance of that being the case) then he's sure got people up in a froth. If nothing else, its given us something to talk about besides the draft. Anyway, back to the links.

  • has a Blazers Blog that picked up the rumor (who links back to the BostonHerald message board).
  • Jason Flemming at Hoopsworld would jump at the chance to grab Pierce.
  • The posters at the RealGM Blazers board are much more wary of Pierce.
  • Ian Thompson of SI doesn't mention the Paul rumor specifically, but brings up the more-likely trade senario with Portland sending the 3rd pick to Charlotte for the 5 and 13 picks. They don't need a PG and could get Green or another talent at 5 and pick up another lottery pick in the process. If they are really committed to the youth movement, that is the direction they'd likley go.

    I now return you to your regularly scheduled rumormongering. I'll try to get some more draft thoughts in in the next few days.

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