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Mocking Chad Ford

Just how many ways will I abuse the word "Mock" in my topic titles? Only time will tell. The English language surrenders.

I keep toying with the idea of doing a humorous mock draft - a real "mockery" if you will. However, I haven't come up with an idea on how to do it without being really cheesy and lame.

Anyway, the latest ups and downs of Chad's mega-mock were hinted at this weekend. Look for Frye to land on the Knicks and for guys like Diogu, Simien, and Vilanueva to jump up the board. Out are several foreigners, which must pain Chad greatly.

Dropping like a rock is fan non-favorite Taft. Now after we've all dragged him through the mud, watch him turn out to be a superstar. If he dropped to the late teens, knowing our new emphasis on attitude, would Danny roll the dice on him? Personally, I hope not, but what do I know?

All of which reminds me to get back to my Mockery experiment. I promise to not rely too heavily on any one source - but to weigh the different sites and of course the comments from all you. However, we're down one useful site now that DraftCity is closing up shop.

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