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Vescey Is Bitter

Peter Vescey takes a swipe at everyone moving while reporting The Rumor. He must be bitter he didn't think of it first.

Agent Warren LeGarie, either representing or misrepresenting client/Celtics' GM Chris Wallace, is telling the Blazers (and's Chad Fraud, too, obviously) that Paul Pierce is available to them for the No. 3 pick in the draft and Nick Van Exel.

Boston's Futile Lord, Danny Ainge, violently denies there's anything to the leaked info, branding it "ridiculous." But, of course, this is the same person who denied my story for two months that the Celtics were negotiating with the Hawks to re-acquire Antoine Walker.

Bottom line: Nothing has materialized in the way of an offer, but the draft is still two weeks away.

Actually, I wonder if the real bottom line is that Chris Wallace messed this up and now Danny is none too happy with him.

Update: There's an interesting sub-plot here. It seems that LeGarie is also John Nash's agent. Nash is the Portland GM. Since when does Ainge need to pass notes (through 2nd parties) to talk trade? What is LeGarie's motivation here?

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