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Don't Mock My Mockery (version 1)

This has been a fun experiment so far. I've really appreciated the feedback and it has been fun researching it.

I typically tried to ignore team needs unless it really was a tossup on who was left. I felt like Charlotte would really look PG, but other than that I think most GMs are going for talent over need. I used some rumors (Warrick, Frye), some hunches (Ukic), some educated guesses (top 5), and some SWAGs (Webster, Ellis). Enjoy.

1 Milwaukee - Bogut
2 Atlanta - M. Williams
3 Portland - Paul
4 New Orleans - D. Williams
5 Charlotte - Green
I still believe these are locks. If the teams don't want these guys, they'll trade the pick to someone who does.

6 Utah - Granger
7 Toronto - Vazquez
8 New York - Frye
9 Golden State - Warrick
10 LA Lakers - Diogu
Warrick is telling people he's going to Golden State. Who am I to argue?

11 Orlando - Wright
12 LA Clippers - Webster
13 Charlotte - Jack
14 Minnesota - Villanueva
15 New Jersey - Korolev
16 Toronto - Felton
17 Indiana - Graham
Hardest group to pick. Clippers are always impossible to predict. Why not another HSer?

18 Boston - Ukic
19 Memphis - McCants
20 Denver -Ilyasova
21 Phoenix - Simien
22 Denver - Ellis
I just have a hunch on the Ukic kid. Nobody else left really jumps out to me.

23 Sacramento - Garcia
24 Houston - Taft
25 Seattle - May
26 Detroit - Gomes
27 Utah - Hodge
28 San Antonio - Lee
29 Miami - Fernandez
30 New York - Bynum
Taft and May fell pretty far, but attitude hurt Taft and measurements hurt May.

So that's version 1. I hope to post another version sometime next week. If this is bad, then you are partly to blame. But there is still time to fix it up. Make your case and let me know where I am wrong. Should be a fun 12 days.

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