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Ukic Promise? Buzz

Sources indicate the Celtics may have a promise in place with Croatian point guard Roko-Leni Ukic. And while this is still just speculation, a number of factors are beginning to point to this.

GMs Danny Ainge and Carroll Dawson were both on hand less than two weeks before the draft and took a long hard look at Ukic in Treviso, and both teams could definitely use a point guard.

With Ainge spending as much time as he did in Treviso, (3 days) it's obvious he had a keen eye on the talented playmaker. A promise with Ukic is now considered a strong possibility. Past history shows that Ainge likes to target a player and get a promise in place.

Ukic fits into the Celtics up tempo style of play, and should develop into a better playmaker and pro than former Celtic Jiri Welsch and Net combo guard Zoran Planninic. Ukic has more point guard abilities, and tons of talent. it's just a question of how well his game fits the NBA style. He is very good at improvising, which is exactly how the NBA game differs from the European game.