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Labor Peace

Our own Gabe Kahn looks at the labor settlement and the 19 year age limit.

To me, the most exciting new thing to come of this is the new minor league that will be the NBDL. The age limit for that will only be 18. So there are questions: Will high school kids skip college not for the NBA, but for the NBDL. Its a one year paid tryout for NBA teams.

In addition, it sounds like teams will be able to send players to the NBDL as early as this year! They will need to expand the league in the next year to fully accomidate all the teams, but this is an added bonus I didn't expect. If Danny keeps his 2nd rounders, they'll have a place to play. He'll also be more willing to take a chance on a project, knowing he'll have a place stateside to develop him.

A minor league could really be good for this game. I'm excited.

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