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Mach3 - Final Mockery

1 Milwaukee - Bogut
2 Atlanta - M. Williams
3 Portland - Paul (trade w/ whomever)
4 New Orleans - D. Williams (possible trade)
5 Charlotte - Green (possible trade)
I still believe these are locks. I expect a minimum of 1 trade, max of 3.

6 Utah - Vazquez
7 Toronto - Granger
8 New York - Frye
9 Golden State - Andriuskevicius
10 LA Lakers - Felton
NBDL makes the Golden State pick more likely. Can we nickname this kid "And1" for short?

11 Orlando - Wright
12 LA Clippers - Korolev
13 Charlotte - Graham
14 Minnesota - Webster
15 New Jersey - Warrick
16 Toronto - May
17 Indiana - Garcia
Raps could take Ukic, Pacers could take Villanueva. These picks are hunches based on rumors.

18 Boston - Ukic (if he's not there, it could be Jack or whoever slides)
19 Memphis - Jack (pick sold to highest bidder)
20 Denver - Ilyasova
21 Phoenix - Villanueva
22 Denver - Taft
This is where I decided that Villanueva and Taft couldn't drop any lower.

23 Sacramento - McCants
24 Houston - Petro
25 Seattle - Hodge
26 Detroit - Diogu
27 Utah - Simien
28 San Antonio - Ilic
29 Miami - Blatche
30 New York - Bynum
Some of these are rumored promises, some are just guys that need to be in the 1st round somewhere. I'm sure 1 or 2 of these guys will go much higher.

Bubble guys: Gomes, Lee, Turiaff, Gigli, Maxiel, Ellis, Miles
I'm sure any of these guys could push someone in the bottom third of the round right into 2nd round status.

Obviously a hard draft to predict, so I'm sure this is worth nothing. But thanks for coming along for the ride. Part of the problem is knowing that I "like" the first 15 players on this mock, then theres Ukic. Problem is, the Celtics pick at 18, and barring a trade-up, some guys will have to jump up higher than I think they should be to push Ukic down. Kind of backward thinking, but it seems to happen every draft.

Picks I'm most likely super-wrong on are: Villanueva/Taft, May/Garcia, Warrick, McCants, basically anyone after the Celtics pick, and of course, the Celtics pick.

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