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One of the pure joys I can remember from watching any draft is seeing a guy slide down the board to us at our position. Now, that concept is silly considering that GMs don't exactly use Mock drafts for their draft boards (we hope). However, when everyone is saying that Paul Pierce is going to be a top 3 pick, and he slides down to 10, that's something.

I still remember calling my friend Andy that night and screaming incoherently into the answering machine. Something stupid about not hating Kansas anymore. I was off my rocker. On a much smaller scale, I remember vividly when the Cavs took Diop at 9, two thoughts entered my mind almost simultaneously. "Suckers," and "JJ." Sure enough, Diop has been about as successful as our next pick (Kedrick) and we wisely chose Joe Johnson. We'll try to forget everything that happened after that.

I didn't have that same feeling last year, but as it turns out, Al Jefferson should have been a much higher pick. If you had to pick last year's draft all over again, I would put him right up there in the top 5.

So who could it be this year? Someone's going to plummet for no reason at all. Maybe we won't get a top 3 talent, but we could see a guy that everyone had slated for the lottery. Between trades, promises, and surprise picks, something unexpected always happens.

Some potential sliders:

Joey Graham - most put him somewhere in the late lottery or early teens at least. Yet Chad Ford had him dropping to us. Ainge would have his tall 3.

Martell Webster - he's the other high school guy in the lottery. Lights out shooter with average athleticism. Average enough to drop to us?

Channing Frye - everyone says he's a lock for the Knicks or even higher. What if there's a trade or the Knicks find someone even better in their laps? He hasn't worked out for teams and they might be wary to pick him sight unseen.

Martynas Andriuskevicius - a year ago he was being talked about as a top 3 guy in this draft. However, the guy is a stick and he's really raw. He wasn't even sure he'd stay in the draft. Its anyone's guess where he'll land.

Raymond Felton - the thinking is that he's the 4th best PG in a deep PG draft. I realize that the role of speedy PG is currently occupied, but if Danny and Doc don't think Marcus will ever get it, Felton can fill his shoes.

I'm not even going to mention Taft, Villanueva, or McCants because all are lottery talents but have hurt themselves one way or another. I'd be a bit upset if we took any of these guys.

Chances are pretty good that none of these guys will be available. However, in a draft this deep, these guys are the reason why you have to be very careful about giving someone a "promise" that you'll take them no matter what.

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