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NBA Draft 2005

I'll keep updating it as we go. Feel free to comment.

1. Milwaukee Bucks select - Andrew Bogut
2. Atlanta Hawks select - Marvin Williams
3. Utah Jazz select - Deron Williams
4. New Orleans Hornets select - Chris Paul
5. Charlotte Bobcats select - Raymond Felton

6. Portland Trailblazers select - Martell Webster
7. Toronto Raptors select - Charlie Villanueva
8. New York Knicks select - Channing Frye
9. Golden State Warriors select - Ike Diogu
10. Los Angeles Kobe's select - Andrew Bynum

11. Orlando Magic select - Fran Vazquez
12. Los Angeles Screw-Ups select - Yaroslav Korolev
13. Charlotte Bobcats select - Sean May
14. Minnesota Timberwolves select - Rashad McCants
____________Last Lottery Pick______________
15. New Jersey Nets select - Antoine Wright

16. Toronto Raptors select - Joey Graham
17. Indiana Pacers select - Danny Granger

18. Boston Celtics select -
Gerald Green -
6'7", 190lbs, 19 years old from
Gulf Shores Academy (HS)

19. Memphis Grizzlies select - Hakim Warrick
20. Denver Nuggets select - Julius Hodge

21. Phoenix Suns select - Nate Robinson
22. Denver Nuggets select - Jarrett Jack
23. Sacremento Kings select - Francisco Garcia
24. Houston Rockets select - Luther Head
25. Seattle Supersonics select - Johan Petro

26. Detriot Pistons select - Jason Maxiell
27. Portland TrailBlazers select - Linas Kleiza
28. San Antonio Spurs select - Ian Mahinmi
29. Miami Heat select - Wayne Simien
30. New York Knicks select - David Lee

50. Boston Celtics select - Ryan Gomes
6'8", 250lb, Senior Forward from Providence

53. Boston Celtics select - Orien Greene

6'4", 210lbs, Senior PG/SG from Lousiana-Lafeyette

I'm still in shock with the rest of the Celtic Nation that Green slipped to us. I know there was the theory out there that if he didn't go at #6, then he'd likely slip due to promises, etc., but no one expected him to fall into our laps. It'll probably be sometime before he's ready to contribute but the reaction in the chatroom was worth the tension of the wait.

Adding Gomes at #50, was icing on the cake. Didn't figure he'd fall to us there, but it was certainly more likely a scenario to me than how the Green selection panned out.

Update: Ok, I have to admit to knowing pretty much nothing about Orien Greene, but Celtics fans seem to be quite happy with that pick as well. Adding another PG to groom can't be a bad thing though. I'll reserve final judgement, but it doesn't change how pleased I am, overall, with the draft.

Dannyboy, you did a good job in my book. Whether it was luck or skill, I care not, it's the results that matter.

We hope that everyone enjoyed the live chat, I know I did. The turnout was simply phenomenal. Sleep tight Celtic Nation and may your dreams be of #17.

Thanks for a great night.

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