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TD Banknorth Garden

"Go ahead, call it the Garden again."

Huh? Again? I never called that place "the Garden." Forgive me for being hung up on one word, but it seems silly to say "again." To me, the Garden died a painful, see-its-guts-from-the-highway death and buried with it countless fond memories that only live on in grainy black and white or cheesy 80's color (not to mention our hearts). To me, the Fleet Center was a fitting name to move into the new era of naming-rights buildings. At least the name was somewhat athletic sounding.

Still, the TD Banknorth Garden is a nice tribute to the old Garden. If you were going to rename the place, that's a good way to go. It will be nice to say "the Celts are playing at the Garden tonight." Even if we know it will never be The Garden again.

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