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Depth Charges

The Celtics depth chart (as I see it) so far:

1a Banks 1a Allen 1 Pierce 1 Jefferson 1 LaFrentz
1b West 1b Davis 2 Reed 2 LaFrentz 2 Perkins
3 Greene   3 Gomes tbd FA 3 Blount
tbd FA   4 Green    

I put Banks ahead of West and Reed ahead of Gomes (who's ahead of Green) purely based on experience. These positions could be battled in camp one way or another. Allen finished the year starting over Davis, but that could change too. I'm giving Jefferson the starting gig because I think he's ready for it and because LaFrentz is our best option at Center. Blount and Perk are almost even, but going in total opposite directions, so I gave a nod to Perk. I also put in place holders where I think we'll sign free agents. They may or may not be impact guys, but they'll add to our depth at the very least (think Googs last year).

One thing that jumped out at me when making this list is our unbalance at the 3 spot. I've never seen Paul as a 2. Allen and Davis fill that role nicely. Reed is a 3. Gomes is an undersized 4 that will learn the 3 position in the pros. Green really is a 3 as well. Pretty crowded there. Does that mean Pierce's days are numbered? No. Because the talent/experience dropoff after Pierce is considerable.

Still, when I look at this linup, I can't help but think that this will NOT be our opening day depth chart.

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