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Rockets want S&T For Walker

According to Ford's latest, the Rockets are hoping that the C's will take an expiring contract or 2 in exchange for Walker. The Rockets have a few guys in the last year of their deals including some guys that could really fill some needs identified by Danny Ainge. Wesley would add veteran PG depth. Weatherspoon could add PF depth. Vin Baker could come back and take some heat off of Blount. Ok, that last one was silly, but he is an expiring deal. Moochie Norris is also mentioned.

Looking at salaries (and remembering the new 25% rule), if Toine is going to get around $8M, then Wesley/Baker is close. Or straight up for Spoon is close. Even if you have to waive Baker, I would think either of those deals could be benefitial in the short term. Of course you'd love to get a draft pick back, but I'm not sure if the Rockets want him that badly.

Update: I just looked up the Rockets stats from last year and it isn't pretty. Wesley could be ok, but you have to wonder why a team desperate for PGs still needed PG help after they got him. Spoon? He's just awful. If we took him, we'd HAVE to get a pick in return.

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