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Market Watch

Its impossible to track all the rumors, speculations, and theories around the league, but it is fun to sit back and watch the market bubble up and down on a daily basis. Yesterday word came that the Rockets were interested in a sign and trade with Walker. Now we hear that they'll have Stromile Swift in town today. Swift is obviously more raw, but much younger more athletic.

Today Walker's name has been mentioned as a possibility for Philly if they can't resign all their free agents. On the other hand, Walker has more than Swift as competition. Shareef Abdur Rahim is coveted by the Nets but will look around to teams like the Spurs, Heat, Wiz, and Kings.

Allen's signing in Seattle triggers the first domino. I'd expect Redd to make a decision between the Bucks and Cavs fairly soon. I think a lot of players will resign with their teams (Joe Johnson, Larry Hughes, Dalembert, etc.).

The coaching carousel won't be so lucky it seems. Larry Brown may be legitimately unsure of his health, but I think his case of wanderlust is a little more troublesome. Until he lands his plane, we can't expect Flip and Nate to make decisions. The Bucks, Blazers, and others are waiting patiently for some coaching movement.

Wrap it all up with the fact that we might have to wait another week for the CBA to get worked out (they might miss the July 22 timeframe), and we've got a busy NBA offseason thus far. Oh yeah, and lets get the summer league started! (Que the Black Eyed Peas).

Update: For more around the league info, the latest Carnival is up.

In Celtics news - OG is out with a bad wheel.

Celtics second-round draft pick Orien Greene underwent surgery to mend a fractured fifth metatarsal bone in his left foot yesterday at New England Baptist Hospital and will miss the team's summer league games in Las Vegas.

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