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Role Player

Welcome to the Boston Celtics Brian.

Here's what we know about our new redheaded role player:

He is a hustle guy and will please the coaching staff with his effort. He won't hurt the effort to improve the character and attitude of this team. He has decent range, even out to 3 point land. I don't know if he can be considered a dead eye, but I can see him being a spark off the bench when he's on.

Which brings us to the next point, he's streaky. Nets fans complain about great efforts one night and a disappearing act the next. Might have something to do with the additional minutes he got with the departure of Kenyon Martin. He'll never be a starter, but he can add depth to the bench.

He's advertised as an average to below average rebounder. Also not expected to be much of an athlete. Not sure what kind of defender he is, but if he plays hard, thats about all you can ask for.

All in all I think the McCarty comparisons aren't too far off. I know there were moments when he absolutely killed the Celtics and I bet he'll be an occasional spark off the bench.

I wouldn't read too much into this being a signal that Walker's days are over. Though I admit there are only so many minutes to go around at the 4 spot. $15M over 5 years averages out to $3M (and is less in the first year as the amount goes up over time) and sounds like it is part of the MLE split we were hearing about earlier this week.

The downside is that we won't be players in any negotiations with full-MLE guys this summer. Not sure if any of them would be worth the money, but I was thinking that if we hung around till the end of the FA period, we could offer it to whatever big name guy didn't get paid by the teams with money to spend. Still, acting now might prove better than waiting around for sloppy seconds.

Between this post and the huge message board thread, I'm shocked that I've put this much thought into a tallish, goofy-looking, red head. Hey, I guess that's the offseason!

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