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Quick notes while waiting for the C's to begin...

Hi everyone,

I'm in Vegas now waiting for the C's to play the Mavs, so I wanted to give you some info on what's going on:

  • Portland's team is playing the Warriors and I think it's pretty interesting that Ainge, Rivers and Wallace (and Steve Pagliuca) are sitting here watching very intently. When the Celtics played last night, they were in the stands chatting and not looking nearly as interested. Why are they watching this like it's a game 7? My take is that it's because of Travis Outlaw, who happens to look quite good. He has 18 points, 11 boards, 3 assists and 3 blocks. Not bad at all. Ike Diogu has looked pretty good, too, and Sebastian Telfair has 23 and 10 assists..
  • Don't be too worried about Jefferson's stats last night. Both teams were running just about the whole time so it really wasn't his type of game. I'm told he may have taken a little time off at the end of the season to allow some nagging heel injuries to heal, too.
  • Many people have expressed concern over the numerous fouls accumulated by the Celts. Remember that in summer league you cannot foul out, making fouling a much rosier alternative. Players will gamble more on D and grab a guy more readily if it won't affect their playing time. Maybe it's not great for the players, but it's something you should take note of.
  • Also, quarters are 10 minutes long, not 12, so take that into account.
  • Green's dunk last night was pretty amazing.
  • Finally, for all those of you distraught over the Scalabrine signing, take heart: It's not so bad. More on this later in the week.

Game time in 17 seconds. I'll try to get you your updates on this game as soon as I can!

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