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Still The Truth

Still getting daily updates from ESPN and around the net that say the same thing over and over again. Bottom line: Paul Pierce is not for sale (but he's not untouchable either).

Needing a story to spin and a rumor to follow, this is the best option going for the press. Paul is the biggest name being talked about this year and I can see why its a story that someone would run with. But enough already. Just because 3 huge stars got swapped last year doesn't mean we'll see the same movement this year. It just doesn't happen all that often.

People talk about Paul wanting out, but we've never heard that from him. He's never asked for a trade and should be having a meeting with Doc and Danny sometime soon. If he does want out, that will be his chance to privately say so. If he doesn't, then I think Danny and Doc can sell him on the plan that they are putting together here.

Losing Walker and Payton automatically put this team in more of a rebuilding mode. That is something Pierce is probably not crazy about. Still, Paul is by no means old and he has to see the bright future that is being installed here. Short of going to Cleveland to play with LeBron, where else could you find the kind of young talent that we have on our roster right now?

Sure he could demand a trade, but he has to know that if he does so, it likely won't be to a team he's going to love playing for. Obviously he wasn't keen on the Portland idea. Would he be any happier in New Orleans, Toronto, or Atlanta?

Paul is still the best player on the Celtics, he's still in the early part of his prime, and he's got a great young squad growing up all around him. Here's hoping he's on board and ready to go on opening day.

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