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Vision Quest

Just a few short days away from Friday's opening day of the free agent signing period and we still don't have a firm idea on what Danny and the Celtics are going to do this offseason. They ordered up some Veal Scalabrine and Mr. Bartelstein is working overtime trying to cook up a decent sign-n-trade deal for Antoine. But we hear that despite not having many point guard options, we aren't interested in bringing Payton back and we are interested in shopping Marcus Banks.

Having the entire MLE to use on a free agent point guard would have made a lot of sense, but the C's declared that they had a plan to split it between two players, one of whom fills our backup PF vacancy (presumably there due to the imminent departure of Walker). What we do with the remainder of that MLE is anyone's guess, but the best thing to do might be to wait around for the market to work itself out and pick up a guy that got passed over by the clubs with cap space.

If we can't get a bargain in the FA market, I'd still expect/hope to see us get a veteran point in any trade that sent Marcus Banks away. I believe in Delonte as much as the next guy, but I don't think I'd feel comfortable with him and Orien Greene as our only true point guards going into the season.

Getting a draft pick for Walker would officially make that deal a wash in the grand scheme of things. Anything else we would be able to get (cap space, quality player, etc.) would be gravy.

As for Danny's famous "vision," I think there is a time to be aggressive in the market (see the Bucks) and a time to sit back and take it all in. I think the C's are in a "read and react" mode right now. They aren't shopping Paul, but if someone blows them away, they'll talk. They aren't worried about Walker, his agent will give them a full menu of choices. They aren't breaking the bank in the free agent market because you never know what gems could be found when the rest of the money is spent.

They can't make too many knee jerk decisions anyway. The majority of the roster needs plenty of time to grow and gel as a team. And perhaps that will be the most important thing this offseason.

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