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Too Quiet

I'm bored. We just got done with the Summer League, we won't see another basketball game for months, and I'm already bored. This isn't a good sign.

Still, I love the offseason. Lets be honest, for most of my adult life, I haven't had the luxury of a long postseason to focus on and I've been forced to enjoy the potential of each "wait till next year." Thankfully, the days of ML Carr and Rick Pitino are long gone and Danny Ainge seems to have a firm grip on the future of the team. Although if the Veal signing prevents us from landing some big fish or goes the way of our last free agent signing (Mr. Port and Cigars himself), then someone's going to have to go down to the Garden and take his checkbook away.

So why the silence? What could be the reason behind the quiet as a churchmouse Celtic offseason? Here are some thoughts:

1. Read and React - Perhaps, as I've suggested in the past, Danny and company are waiting to see what will fall out of the market. If we intend to sign Walker, this tactic has paid off already as the market price for power fowards has leveled off right at about the MLE. Theoretically, if someone besides Houston or Finley gets cut in the Amesty Rule, then we could have some leftover MLE money to throw at them. Some free agent is going to left without a chair when the music stops, so who knows? Still, the downside is that you are left with the leftovers and rejects. Googs was sold to us last year and we soon had buyers remorse.

2. Sign-and-Trade - The date when agents can actually sign looks like it will be pushed back at least a week. This kind of uncertainty is exactly the reason why we haven't heard of sign-and-trades being announced yet (aside from the Kwame deal). If you are planning on trading a player that didn't quit on you last year, why would you keep them in limbo for weeks? If Danny has decided on one of the deals that Bartelstien has cooked up, he doesn't have a lot of motivation to announce it to the world right now. A better deal might come up, especially as the FA's come off the market and team start to run out of options.

3. Another Trade - Perhaps Danny is cooking up something more ambitious. We've heard that Banks is available. I'm sure they'd love to shoehorn Blount into any deal considered. We still have an unbalanced roster with glaring needs at center and point guard (who doesn't?). Something could be cooking that we haven't heard of yet. I still think that Memphis is a logical place for Danny to have conversations with, though I doubt it has anything to do with Bonzi the Clown.

4. Maybe They're Done - If we just let Walker walk and let Paul and the kids run and gun, then perhaps this is all we'll get this year. If Danny doesn't want to break the bank and really trusts that these kids are the team's future, perhaps they'll just let it ride. I don't know how they could sell that to the Boston fanbase, but part of me wonders if it would payoff 3-fold a year from now. Still, that's a big risk and likely only a last resort.

I could be forgetting something, but those are my initial theories. It could also be a combination of several of them. All I know is that I hope something happens soon. Actually, let me rephrase that. I hope something good happens soon.

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