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2 Sides of a Coin

Funny how two writers can look at this team and have two totally different outlooks.

Peter May brings the gloom and doom:

But when nearly two-thirds of your roster has two or fewer years of NBA experience, you're asking for a lot of patience on the part of the coach, the director of basketball operations, the owners, and, especially, the fans.

While Steve Bulpett sees things a little sunnier:

The more one sees of the young Celtics, the more it seems the best thing that could happen to this team would be for 2007 to get here in a hurry.

These guys are paid to follow the Celtics and they have some great insights into the team. Still, they are both human and are prone to their own point of view and interpretation of the facts. All any of us can do is take in all the information and formulate our own opinions on the subject. And that's part of the fun of being a fan isn't it?

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