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White Chocolate for Stonehands?

In Chad Ford's latest (last?) chat, he threw an idea out on the table. Pretty sure it was his idea, but you never know where he might have heard a whisper or two.

The idea was Jason Williams (of the Griz) for Mark Blount straight up. He mentioned that the Griz would likely agree to the swap.

Some thoughts:

1. I can't believe I didn't think of this myself. Both are guys that the teams want to rid themselves of. Both fill positions of need on the other team. Both are in serious need of a change of scenery.

2. I loved Jason when he was White Chocolate (early years on the Kings), liked him when he had his head on straight under Hubie Brown in Memphis. Gotta wonder why he's been moved twice though. He's worn out his welcome in both places he's played. Will that trend continue? What about our attitude emphasis? Then again, it can't be worse than the Blountiful one, so what's the harm in trying?

3. The salaries don't match up perfectly, but apparently Blount's trade kicker makes things closer. I also think we could use a trade exception to make it work. Another option is to throw in Banks, but I would hate to do so without getting something else from their side. Future protected pick?

4. This would leave us very weak at the 5 spot with just Raef and Perk. As a result it leaves us thinner at the 4 as Raef would have to pull full time 5 work. We'd have to work on picking up a big from somewhere.

5. The more I think about this the better I like it. This kid can really, really pass and he's worked very hard on reducing his turnovers. He can shoot pretty well, even it its not always when the coach wants. We could do a lot worse.

Those are just my initial thoughts. Keep in mind this is just an idea of Chad's (as far as we know). Still, its something to talk about.

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