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Don't Get Too Excited

I love a hot rumor just as much as the rest of you. I've been the Captain of the "when will the next shoe drop?" ship for the last two weeks. However, I know reason when I've heard it. And today, reason comes in the form of Gabe Kahn. Since he's been covering the team and talks to a lot more people than I do, I'm trusting that he has a better pulse on the club than I could hope to have sitting behind my computer.

His message? Basically don't expect much.

The Jason Williams rumor? Not likely. You see, the C's aren't quite as down on Mark as all of us seem to be. I'm sure it doesn't help that Mark's value is at an alltime low right now. If we can get him to show any signs of life next year, you never know. However, Gabe tells me that they are not openly shopping Blount right now. In addition, the C's seem very interested in Delonte starting at point guard next year.

How about the Radmanovic rumor? Again, not likley. Any rumors circulating about Antoine Walker are almost guaranteed to be coming from the Mark Bartelstein group. They are working the phones, not Danny. They are looking for ways to make a sign and trade work. All indications are that if the C's can get a draft pick and not take on any more salary, they'll make a deal happen. Most likely that would have to happen through a 3 team deal involving a team with cap space and a willingness to take on salary. Otherwise, you are more likely to see Walker take the MLE. I would bet that is one reason why they've started talking to the Heat. As for Radmanovic, he wants big bucks and its not likely that Danny would want to give them to him (or anyone for that matter). So no dice.

So what gives? Why the lack of movement? According to Gabe, the plan all along was to have a quiet offseason and focus on the development of the younger players. Danny doesn't want to add any additional salary.

How will it work? Who knows. Will they change their minds and make a deal? Perhaps, if the right one presents itself.

I guess we'll have to wait and see. Which makes this day no different than any day in the last several weeks.

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