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Don't believe everything you read

Alright, guys, here's what I'm hearing in short:

The Watson/Wright deal is not accurate. Sorry for all of you who were excited about that.

As far as I know, the real deal is for Curtis Borchardt, Qyyntel Woods, Albert Miralles (who will stay in Spain for the time being), a $5.4 million trade exception, one second round pick from Miami (although I've heard 2, as well) and cash considerations from Miami.

While Woods will most likely be moved, he may stick around just long enough to be packaged in a trade with, well let's just call him another young Celtic, if Danny Ainge can find any takers. Woods is in the final year of his contract so that might make him a little more attractive, by the way.

Finally, I haven't completely confirmed this as of yet, but I believe that the Celtics also have a trade exception $1.4 million from the Walter McCarty trade that they can combine with the new $5.4 million exception. If that is indeed true (and I'll try to get you that info as soon as I can), the C's might be able to swing a trade between now and February for a player making up to $6.8 million. Intriguing, eh?

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