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Walker To Miami Close

Miami Herald:

"While details of the deal remained unclear, with the Heat and Celtics speaking late Monday figuring out the specifics, the teams are close to a deal that would send a newly signed forward Antoine Walker to Miami. With the Celtics not wanting to take on much salary in return, the Heat might not be giving up much more than its $1.9 million trade exception, a minimal-salary player and draft picks. A third team could be involved. Walker's deal is believed to begin at about $6 million to $7 million."

The article also goes on to confirm that Jason Williams will likely be going to Miami. Probably in a seperate 3 team deal.

Update: Sounds like WEEI is reporting the details to be Rasual Butler, the $1.9M exception, and 2 second round draft picks. It may work out that Butler and Blount get packaged to another team.

I don't like the sound of 2 second rounders. Doesn't seem like enough, especially from the Heat which will be amongst the best teams in the league. Why bother? I like this deal a lot less than when I thought it would be at least a first rounder. The follow up deal sounds interesting though.

Of course I'll be following the story carefully and will update you with anything I hear or read.

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