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Kool Aid Still Served Here

Apparently I struck a cord with all the diehards with my negative rant. Perhaps I wasn't clear enough. I'm not a gloom and doom, fire and brimstone fatalist. The timing of the rant comes on the heels of the Walker trade, but is not a direct result of it. I'm a big Walker fan, but I've supported trading him BOTH times. I'm just a fan sick of always being 2 years away from competing.

That said, I do think we are going in the right direction. I think we have as bright a future as any team in the league. It only makes sense to keep financial flexibility for when our kids mature into players that will be the foundation of our title runs. I'm giddy at the idea of watching Al Jefferson, Gerald Green and company grow and prosper wearing Celtic green.

I just like to rant a bit from time to time. Does that explain thing a little better?

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