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The Trade Exception (FAQ)

Many of you have pleaded with us to set the record straight on this. I'll do my best. (correct me if I'm wrong)

What did we get?
We got $5.5M to use before August 1, 2006

Can we couple that with a player to get a player with a larger salary?
No. We cannot add the exception to Blount's contract ($5.5M) and get a player making $11M. It just isn't allowed.

Can we combine this trade exception with another trade exception?
Again, no. Not allowed. The only way it works is if there are 2 players coming back that make $5.5M and whatever the other exception is.

Can you use just part of the exception? Say about $2M?
Yes. You can use part of it and keep the rest for later.

Can you use it to trade for a player making $6.875M (using the 125% rule)?
No. The 125% rule only applies to player for player trades.

Can we use this do complete a sign-and-trade with another team?
Yes. New Jersey did it this year to pick up SAR from Portland. Given the amount of the exception, this would be a good way to pick up a guy looking to sign for the MLE but wanting to get the extra year that only his current team can give him under the CBA.

Note: That last point is critical. Next year, we'll be able to offer MLE level guys more than any other team that doesn't have a trade exception.

My guess is that if we don't use this exception this year on a MLE player (and who's left really?), we'll save it to use next offseason. Perhaps we could pick up a player at the trade deadline, but it seems more realistic that it would happen in the offseason.

Did I cover everything? I'll update if there are more questions.

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