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Cut Raef? No.

Despite what you might read around the internet, lets clear up one thing. Based on what Gabe and I have heard coming from the team, there are no plans to cut Raef LaFrentz with the Amnesty Rule. There's just no reason to do so.

1. They are nowhere near the luxury tax and don't figure to be for a couple of years. The only value this action would have would be to save the owners money in the event that they went over the tax. Again, there are no salary cap ramifications.
2. Raef should be healthy this year. He's going to be in the 2nd year of playing after rehabing, so he should be stronger than at any point that he's been on the team. It kills me that everyone thinks of him as old when he was a teamate of Paul's at Kansas. Neither guy has hit 30 yet.
3. Raef is a valuable player on this team. He's by far the best big man that we have. He plays solid defense. He rebounds. He plays well with Al Jefferson (inside-outside combination). He stretches defenses. And he's just an intelligent player. We need more of those, not fewer.

Don't believe the hype. Raef is a Celtic.

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