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C's Interested in Both Boozer and Harpring

By now most of you have seen the article indicating that Boston was one of the teams interested in Boozer and/or Harpring. As the curious type (ok, I'm obsessed with C's info), I wrote to the author (Sam Amico) asking if this info had anything to do with Paul Pierce. He was kind enough to write back and assured me that there was no mention of Paul Pierce from his source. (good)

One extra bit that he mentioned was that according to the source, the C's are in fact interested in both Harpring and Boozer. If you are going to the message board on this, please place your comments and trade ideas in this thread.

The same question arises with Boozer as many had with Walker. Would he stand in Al Jefferson's way at PF? I don't know how well Boozer could handle the center spot and I don't want to yank Jefferson around from position to position. The interest in Harpring is also somewhat confusing given the number of 3's that we have, but it makes more sense when you factor in his expiring contract.

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