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Curtis Borc-hurt

Shira Springer gives a nice rundown on Curtis Borchardt's injury woes.

Since his freshman year at Stanford, Borchardt has struggled to stay healthy. He fractured his right foot twice in college, undergoing surgery to repair the second break his sophomore year.

After his junior year, he left school for the NBA, but before he could begin his rookie season with Utah, Borchardt fractured his right foot again and underwent more surgery, missing the entire year.

Just before the start of his second year, he broke his left hand and missed four weeks. Later in his second season, he suffered a season-ending right wrist fracture. Last year with the Jazz, his right foot swelled up, but a stint on the injured list was all he needed to heal. He suffered some right knee soreness at the end of the season but said that is gone.

With a new offseason strength and conditioning routine, Borchardt believes he will remain injury-free with the Celtics.

That last line cracks me up.

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