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I gotta tell you. I'm so starving for Celtics news, I even resorted to going to the official team site! (Can you believe there is 2 more months of offseason to go?) There is the typical team fluff and propaganda, and in their infinate wisdom, RealGM thinks that Paul is being phased out of the site (huh?), but the gem of the site seems to be Delonte's Diary. I mean, he's no Paul Shirley in the comic sense. But the kid really is thoughtful and intelligent and he's a good writer to boot.

Other than that, there's not much more out there on the net. Then again, perhaps that is why you are here. Fear not, I've got some topics I want to go over soon and some articles brewing in my head (who knows, maybe even a rant or two). I'm still thinking that Danny is looking for a big move, but he's also probably prepared to start the season as is (maybe adding that vet PG on the cheap). Still, at the very least, training camp will provide lots of questions and answers (and then probably even more questions). So hang in there, we'll help you get through summer. Till then, enjoy your complimentary wallpapers.

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