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Throw Ins?

As it becomes more and more likely that a trade could occur (strictly from a numbers sense), you have to take into account the possibility that a multiple player deal could happen. Every trade is different and you can't help who the other team would ask for. However, many trades have what is called "throw in" players. Typically, these guys aren't a major part of the deal, but they can swing a trade from not happening to happening. For instance, the Celtics recently got Borchardt and Woods as throw ins to make the salaries work on the most recent Antoine Walker trade. In the first Walker trade, Jiri Welsch was a throw in (though Ainge had high hopes for him and described him as a key part of the trade).

Since we have a glut of players, its starting to look more like we'll be the one's needing to throw in this time. Especially if it means dumping Mark Blount on someone. So who are the best throw in candidates?

Certainly Woods is only around for the explicit purpose of being a throw in. Otherwise he'd have been cut immediately.

Borchardt is injury prone so there wouldn't be too many tears shed if he had to go. On the other hand, he does have some skill at a position of need, so you don't want to just give him away.

Beyond those two, I find it hard to label any of our guys as potential "throw ins." Perhaps a better term might be "bargaining chips." Either way, it kind of makes them sound more like commodities than people, but this is the odd world we live in.

Banks is the most widely circulated name since he does have some PG experience and has talent and athleticism to spare. He's also not Doc's ideal PG and Danny is stocking up on PGs, so you do the math. Still, talented point guards are hard to find and are of high value on the market (especially at his low price).

Reed rarely saw the light of day last year and plays our most crowded position, so you have to consider him. On the other hand, all the players rave about his defensive abilities and he blossomed in the summer league. You'd hate to see him go, but at the right price, you would think he'd be available.

Perkins is a guy that I have high hopes for, especially considering the position he plays and the bond he has with Al. However, if we got a young, legit center in return for him, it could be arranged.

Anyone beyond that (Allen, West) would have to be considered more than a throw in as both have the ability to start on this team. We have some rookies and free agent signings that are unlikely to get dealt. Nobody's getting Green or Jefferson.

So it seems that Danny has once again accumulated tradable assets. Multiple second rounders, a trade exception, several young players with small contracts all could make a deal go down smooth. It's just a matter of what he's buying and who would be willing to deal.

Now before you get on my case about trying to get rid of all our wonderful young talent, that isn't the intention here at all. I'm just looking realistically at the roster and trying to see who might be included in a deal. If I had my way, all of them would be around for banner 17.

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