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Down Time

Some random thoughts while waiting for database backup files to download:

I like the Dan Dickau signing. He's a playmaker and a good shooter and is young enough to fit in with the current team but old enough to know his way around a court. I do fear his lack of defense, and I am not really impressed with the "many point guards are not good defensive players" argument. However, if he can get the ball to Paul and Al where they need it and still push the break, then I'll be pretty happy.

Ahh, but will Paul be happy? Don't answer that. That is the 12 million dollar question that I am thoroughly sick of trying to answer.

Is Dickau better than Banks? Perhaps. We can at least assume that Banks is better on D and Dickau better running an offense. You could argue that we didn't really have trouble scoring last year, so what is the big deal? Still, its not like we were shutting people down last year either, so that argument is a wash. Besides, its less important to compare Dickau with Banks as it is to compare this year's point guard rotation to last year's. Is the rotation of Dickau, West, and Orien Greene an upgrade on Payton, Banks, and a oft-hurt West? That will be the question that determines the season.

So why am I talking about Banks as though he's already gone? Because I've run out of scenarios where I can see him returning to the team next year. There are even some rumors out of LA that the Lakers have offered one of their forwards to us for him.

And why am I not posting 10 Mark Blount trade ideas every day? Because I've run out of scenarios where I can see him NOT returning to the team next year.

There are going to be a lot of fun battles for starting spots and playing time this training camp. Dickau vs. West, Allen vs. Davis, and Reed vs. Gomes (backup 3) are my favorites. There should even be a healthy competition between Blount and Perkins (and Borchardt?) for backing up Raef at center. Plus there is the bonus of watching Greene and Bynum duke it out.

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