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Dickau Details

It seems as though dreams of a larger deal brewing under the surface are not going to come true. Here are the latest details given to me from Gabe Kahn.

  • The deal has been held up because of delays in paperwork. Basically, people are out of the office for summer committments.
  • The deal is Dickau for a 2nd round pick. To make the deal happen, the C's will use up part of the trade exception they got from the Walker deal. It doesn't go to New Orleans, it just goes away. We should have just over $2.5M left to use at a later date.
  • In an odd twist, apparently the deal will create another trade exception for the Hornets to use at another time. Because they are under the cap and trading a contract for no contract, this is what they get to do.
  • No word yet on which 2nd rounder we're giving up.
  • All indications are that the C's are done tweaking unless some team comes calling with an offer.
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