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Off Topic

Slow news day for the Celtics. The Globe confirmed what Gabe already told us, that the C's have August vacations that are slowing things up a bit. So on to some non-Celtics related items.

  • First and foremost, our friend Big_Easy is safely evacuated from New Orleans. May all the residents of New Orleans find shelter, comfort, and safety. God bless.
  • Watched a little of the Little League World Series this weekend. Great to see the kids playing. The best part was seeing a commercial for the Major Leagues and being struck by the fact that these adults are really just playing a silly kids game. Always good to get some perspective.
  • Speaking of silly games, I had my fantasy football draft last night and I absolutely hate my team. Hate it. Every pick seemed to be a reach (Larry Fitzgerald), a risk (Fred Taylor), or a flat out gamble (Michael Vick). When your "safe" pick is Tiki Barber, you know you are in trouble. I'll either lap the field or be done by week 4. There's no in between.
  • Finally, if you must have your Celtics fix, the Bent has just what you need. Another Top Ten! Enjoy.
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