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My Latest Favorite Internet Rumor

Here is the latest rumor I've found on the net that I like a lot:

Blount and Banks to Minnesota for Olowokandi and Ebi

Kandi has an expiring contract and Ebi's deal is about the same as Banks. I could see Kevin rolling the dice on trying to give Blount a change of scenery to kickstart his career. The Celtics would be out from under his contract and could let Kandi, Ebi, Bynum, and Borchardt all fight for roster spots in training camp.

I'll look for more information on this and update you if anything develops. It could be nothing, but I feel it is worth checking out.

Update: Just so everyone is crystal clear on this - the rumor comes from an Internet message board. The original poster is a mod on the RealGM boards and he claims to have a source. I do not vouch for the source, nor am I claiming any credit for the rumor. Just passing it along.

Update 2: The message board poster that started the rumor is now saying that Ebi is not part of the deal. It would just be Kandi for Blount and Banks. The C's may still add a pick to rush the deal but the Wolves have other things in the air right now.

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