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Ricky Being Ricky

I'm going to go ahead and throw out the Ricky Davis - Manny Ramirez comparison. Discuss.

Update: First of all, of course this was filler on a slow news day. I'm allowed to mail it in once in a while aren't I? Besides, I just love this picture and needed an excuse to run it.

As for my rationale on the comparison, it is pretty basic. Both guys seem to me (this is a perception thing, so don't kill me) to be fun-loving, absent-minded, but immensely talented guys that are often misinterpreted and even vilified for being who they are. Both guys are very unique individuals and in that way they are similar.

Of course they are different in the details. You could go on forever about how they are different (and I knew you would). I was just pointing out that a lot of the issues that some people have with Ricky can only really be explained away by saying "hey, that's just Ricky being Ricky." For example, the triple-double incident. I think that was just Ricky being a goofball and hamming it up for the fans and/or teammates egging him on to get the trip-dub. How people point to that as to why he is a selfish egomaniac disrespecting the game is a little beyond me.

That's all I was saying. But thanks for the comments. I now return you to your regularly scheduled rehashing of Paul Pierce's attitude, Mark Blount trade ideas, and who will be cut in training camp.

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