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Around the League - Finley Dominos

Looks like the Spurs just got better. Finley has been rumored to be the amnesty domino that has held things up and will likely start things off. When I have a minute I'll expound on these, but some things to consider.

  • Spurs now have an excess of bodies that could be available at the right price. Brent Barry and Rasho come to mind. But don't forget Devin Brown.
    Effect on C's - I'd still be in favor of a Blount for Rasho swap, and Danny has tried to get Barry in the past. But beyond that, it just means that the Patriots of the NBA are still really good.
  • Earl Watson seems like the last man standing in the "big-name" free agent department. He could land in Denver, but I'm not sure how they'd work that all out. He'd be behind Andre Miller and fighting Boykins for the backup spot.
  • Heat need to move on and still have that MLE to use. They could just resign Damon Jones. Not sure why they don't go after Watson.
    Effect on C's - Little to none.
  • Spreewell still looking to feed his family.
    Effect on C's - Hopefully none at all.
  • Yao resigning with the Rockets effectively makes the Lakers 3 year plan look a bit silly. I'd be drop dead shocked if they were able to get either Amare or Dirk. Cap room is so overrated.
    Effect on C's - Beat LA! Beat LA! Beat LA!
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