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Shira Talks To Doc

Shira has a nice interview with Doc Rivers on the upcoming season. However, oddly enough, the Tony Allen incident was not brought up and it still has not appeared in the Globe online edition (to my knowledge). Odd.

One interesting exchange was about the starting linup. It sounds like Doc wants to move Paul to the 2 some more this year and use that "power 3" that we hear so much about.

Q. What might the starting lineup look like? What combinations are you considering?

A. ''There's a lot of combinations that we can play. I can't wait to get that on the floor and see how those different combinations look and what works and what doesn't work. We can go big. We can go small. [Brian] Scalabrine could be at the 3, Paul at the 2, is a huge lineup. Ryan Gomes is another guy you can play at small forward with Paul at shooting guard and we can force some matchups. That's something I like. I would love Paul to be at the 2 and one of these guys [Scalabrine or Gomes] can step forward and play and be comfortable at the small forward that helps us with our size, our rebounding. But I'm concerned about that lineup defensively."

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