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Little Chief

There is one line from an article that ran last week about Al Jefferson that I must have just glazed over, but it was pointed out to me by reader EZ. Here it is.

Jefferson also plans to visit Robert Parish in Florida and learn from the Hall of Famer.

When I stop and think about that statement, my mind wanders back to the days of the Big 3, my head tilts back and I start drooling like Homer Simpson.

Think about it. Both guys are the strong silent type (with a goofy side). Parish was a fierce rebounder and defender with some great touch around the hoop. Jefferson has the rebounding and touch and you can tell he wants to be a defender too. The Chief had the luxury of deferring to Larry and had Kevin's back on the blocks. For now, Jefferson can walk in Paul's shadow and has a great relationship with Kendrick Perkins down low.

Now, let me be clear. I'm not signing up the kid for Springfield just yet. I don't even want to say that Al is going to play like Robert. My point is that if anyone could be a good mentor or tutor for Al, it would be double-zero himself. I recall that sometime last year, Danny ran into Parish and made it clear that he wanted him around. I emphatically second that.

I'm very impressed with this kid every time I hear something new about him. The fact that he wants to learn from one of my alltime favorite players is even more of an indication of where his heart is at. Its going to be a joy watching him grow.

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