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SWAGs 2005-2006

I've already pointed out my credibility in predictions, so don't put any money on these, but I thought it would be fun to come up with some SWAGs. That's short for Silly, Wild ummm,...Aardvark Guesses.

Paul Pierce will be traded this offseason: But not until after the CBA is in place. If Danny works it right, does his research, and can anticipate the new CBA rules, he might be able to pull one over on a GM looking to make a splash. Lets face it, every time a new CBA is agreed upon, someone finds loopholes in it (usually agents) and exploits it. Hard as it is to get equal value for someone like Paul, its even harder to find guys with his talent on the market in any given year. I smell it in the smoke, there's a fire out there somewhere.

The Celtics won't pick 18th in this draft: Since I've already predicted that Paul won't go till later this summer, this would have to be unrelated. I just don't think that Danny cares to sit back and see what turns up at this spot. I think he'll either target someone and try to move up to get him or move back in the draft or out of this year's draft altogether for future considerations. I think its almost a given that we won't have all 3 picks on the roster next year. That would just be romper room and I don't think Doc wants to hire the Wiggles for assistant coaches.

We will sign Jasikevicius: I think that he'll see the opportunity to start and lead and jump at it. I think that Danny adores him and I can't blame him. The Pacers are a good alternative for Saras, but next year Reggie will be gone and Artest will be back. If you thought that our locker room was combustible, wait till you get a load of these guys next year. If the C's miss out on Saras, I think they'll make a safe play for Watson.

We will dump Mark Blount: Perhaps on Toronto, or maybe to the Knicks. Anyone desperate for a Center. We're not going to get much for him, and probably will need to eat another similarly bad contract, but I just can't picture him in a Celtic uniform next year. He's bound to be 50% better on any other team, but its never going to happen here for him.

Antoine Walker will resign: It will be for $7M per for 3 years. He's not going to get more elsewhere, he's not the easiest guy to sign-and-trade, and he'll take pressure off of Al Jefferson for a year and accept a backup/mentor role in a year as his legs deteriorate further. He'll serve that role for a year and might be a valuable expiring contract in his last year.

There will be no summer league, but there will be a minor league: Unfortunately I think the lockout is coming and the Summer League will be the first casualty. Still, I think the minor league will be implemented next year (with or without the minimum age deal). Reed and maybe Perk should spend some time down on the farm, but don't expect Al or any of the other young guns to go there. If we do happen to keep and use all our draft picks, it will be with a mind towards sticking them here.

So there you have it. I don't know if any of these predictions will come true. I'm not sure I want some of them to come true but my biases do show up in most of them. How wierd would it be to have Walker back and not Paul? Stranger things have happened.

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