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5 Cancelled "Shows"

In honor of Studio 60 (my favorite new sitcom) surviving the axe at NBC, here are 5 cancelled “shows” (otherwise know as ideas for blog articles I considered writing but decided against).

  1. 5 Reasons not to fire Doc Rivers right now: I was going to go for a Peter May type contrarian piece with some lame punchline about needing him to secure the lottery pick that will land us a franchise player.  Then I realized that same joke has been repeated at least a kajillion times since the season started.  On a side note, can you tell that I use lists as a crutch whenever I am too lazy or too ticked off to come up with a coherent topic?
  2. Small sample sizes: Highlighted by yet another version of “hey, Al Jefferson sure looks like he’s coming along, doesn’t he?” and “couldn’t we find some more minutes for Gerald Green?”  This idea was scrapped for unoriginality.
  3. Rotations, Rotations, Rotations: While I do wish we could find some minutes for Powe, Rondo, and maybe even Ray, I’m somewhat encouraged by the fact that Doc has seemingly picked a rotation and stuck with it.  And by “stuck with it,” I mean for two whole games.  Lets give it a few more games before we get comfortable with anything.  And a few more wins would be nice too.
  4. All I want for Christmas: I would have asked for a big trade without giving up Gerald Green or Al Jefferson, pixie dust to sprinkle on Perkins’ feet, and probably a new coach if I could actually think of another coach that I really want.  But that’s about the whole “article” right there.  Besides, there will be plenty of time to play out the holiday theme over the next month.  Maybe I’ll even bring back Festivus. 
  5. Hypothetically speaking, if perchance, somehow, in a matter of speaking, maybe would we ever consider trading Paul Pie…: Sorry, nope.  I can’t do it.  Not my binky.  Take him away from me an all you have is a puddle of my tears.  Way, way, way too much time left in the season to throw it all away.  Besides, I don’t want to run out of material to use throughout January.

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