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Welcome to the Al Jefferson Era

It's finally here and I'm genuinely excited about it. I feel like Ralphie opening a brand new Daisy Red Rider 200-shot Carbine Action Air Rifle with compass and sundial.Ralphie

Al Jefferson has become what we've all waited for, wished for and hoped for. Here it goes. Big Al has Arrived. Some of us thought he would never get here, particularly given the slow starts and injury woes. However, over these last handful of games, Al has proven that he has "it" and can perform at a high-level in the L. The Game Log says it all.

Everything seems different now. At times, Al has been dominating. The quickness in the post, the footworks and fakes, all of it appears so smooth and so natural. The biggest change has been his aggressiveness, something that I've thought he's lacked in the past. He has forced his way into the offense, demanding the ball on the block (look at the growth in his FGAs) and exhibiting a consistency in the post we have not seen in the past.

Hopefully, from here on, Al maintains this level of play. Obviously it has led to positive results on the court.

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