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Celtics at Nuggets


Nugg Dr. | Nuggets Noise

Clearly this isn’t the same Denver team we beat just the other week.  However, as Delonte points out, it is the same Allen Iverson. 

“It doesn’t matter what uniform he’s in,” West said. “That’s still Allen Iverson. It means one thing: You’re guarding one of the quickest guys, one of the most talented scorers in the league. I’ve got to get my rest the night before.”

Still, without Carmelo, they don’t seem much more loaded with talent than the Sixers were before the trade.

On the Celtics side, we might not see it tonight, but sometime on this road trip we’ll be getting Perkins, Olowokandi, and maybe Wally back from injuries.

Also: Murphy of the Herald has a look ahead at the road trip schedule.

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