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Update: Joomla, SMF and JSMF

At just after 3:15 PM CST I have good news for everyone. All Joomla, SMF and JSMF upgrades are complete and as nearly as I can tell so far, everything is working fine. Still be sure to let me know if you run into any bugs or oddities as you do things around here.

Other than any tidying up around here folks need to do, the next step will be to setup a new server account. I hope to have that done this evening. If we can all agree to stop work on this site by midnight EST tonight, then I'll begin the backup of the site and its databases tomorrow morning in preparation for the move.

With any luck, we'll get the new site moved and the domain name activated tomorrow. I'll then start troubleshooting the site for all artifacts we may encounter due to the site transfer. There will no doubt be a lot of them given the complexity of this site setup.

If that goes well, we may be able to open the new site for business by tomorrow evening or the Saturday morning.


It is a little after 1:30 PM CST and I'm about to start updating SMF, Joomla! and the JSMF bridge. With any luck these will work flawlessly and not break half the other stuff in this site.

Depending on how this goes, it may take a while for me to get it all lined out.

While I'm performing these updates SMF will most likely go offline as will site registration and some of the site modules. I'll post again when I get the updates completed.

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