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Fast Breaks

Welcome again to the Cheap Seats.  For those who may not have found their way to this section of Celtics Blog before, the Cheap Seats is a dedicated section of the blog, designed to allow a number of Celtics fans to provide their take on the Celtics.  We have a number of contributors providing a regular stream of content, much of it unique such as Bent's piece below, so check back frequently. 

Big thanks to Bob Day for all his hard work creating the new layout.  Great job Bob.   

On to the Fast Breaks...

 -  For all those who agrued to blow it up and trade Pierce for cap space & picks...well here you go.  It's not pretty.   Just remember the draft is never a lock and free agency isn't always a guarantee either.  doc.jpg

 -  Doc had another tough coaching game Friday against Golden State.  During the recent mini-winning streak I actually wavered in my conviction that Doc is a main problem with the team, but Friday brought it all back. 

-  However, this team is rather brutal.  In the long run, Doc and his inept-ness might be the best option for the Celtics as he is certainly capable of guiding the team to more ping-pong balls this spring. 

-  It seems as though the offense on Friday had 2 plays: (i) pass to the guy on the low post or (ii) a forced jumpshot.   While I have no problem with continually dumping the ball into Al on the block, he was being triple teamed last night on every touch and Al needs to work more on his passing out of the double/triple team so that wasn't always the best option. al.jpg

-  Why does it seem that no one on the team knows how to cut to the hoop?  Probably because no one does.  Andris Biedrins continually gashed the Celtics with cuts right down the lane, it sure would be nice if the Celtics could do that.  I guess first Doc would have to install a simple pick and roll to the playbook.  Tony seems to be the best at making those cuts, but I'm particularly disappointed that Gerald doesn't try to move without the ball, with his athleticism and ability to finish he could be devastating. 

- A few people made this point in the forums, but Doc can you please try Perk and Al at the same time again?  You used to say that defensively it was trouble, but they have both improved sufficiently that it should be tried again.  It would have been a nice change Friday when Golden State was able to get so many second chances and the team appeared to struggle with the defensive rebounding at times.

- Wally really struggled on Friday.  Clearly he's not all the way back from his injury.  Logically then, maybe he shouldn't continue to jack shots, particularly tough shots, such as turn around jumpers over longer, more athletic defenders when he cannot get adequate lift.  But that's just my opinion.

Here's hoping that Pierce is back soon and a Happy New Year to all.  Enjoy Celtics Blog 3.0. 

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