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SWAGs 2006-2007

This is one of my favorite gimmicks.  SWAGs stands for Silly, Wild, ...umm, Astute Guesses (and yes, Astute is a replacement word).  For reference, here are my 05 offseason SWAGs.  Here are my SWAGs for the upcoming season.

1. The Celtics will trade for Kevin Garnett.  You can't convince me that this won't happen.  The Wolves will be struggling at the deadline and KG will finally snap.  He and Mike James will mix like vinegar and baking soda and Ricky (God bless him) will be Ricky (meaning he's a fantastic player, but not the kind of leader that everyone can rally around).  The Celtics have the best package to offer and as we've discussed, he and Danny can get things done on the down low.

2. Doc Rivers will NOT be fired, ...till the offseason.  Here is my pet theory on Doc (and you can be sure I'm not basing this on any inside info): Danny knew that ripping the team apart was not going to be a picnic for any coach, and needed a guy that would be a salesman.  Doc is nothing if not a fantastic salesman; to the media, to the fans, and most of all to a very young and constantly changing team.  Give him credit for hanging in there when Pierce was borderline mutinous a couple years ago.  Give him credit for getting the kids some playing time while showcasing guys like Blount for trade purposes.  Just don't count on him as the guy to take us to the next level.

3. Gerald Green will win the Slam Dunk Contest.  Ok, this one isn't much of a stretch.  If he enters, he's the favorite.  Still, I'm calling it now.  Gerald has the talent, creativity, and showmanship to bring some real buzz to this event.

4. Tony Allen will be found innocent, ...but still disappoint this year.  I like Tony, so I hope I'm wrong.  He's a hard nosed defender and an exciting energy player.  The reason for my prediction is this: Focus.  He's always had a problem focusing on the court so he's hit or miss (sometimes in the same game).  That makes him a fine sub, but not a guy you can depend on.  If I had to guess, I'd say he's the one that gets thrown into a deal to make it work financially, especially if his option isn't picked up (see Banks, Marcus).

5. The Celtics will not only make the playoffs, but win one series.  They'll be up and down.  They'll be fast out of the gate, hit a wall or two, and get back momentum down the stretch.  KG or no KG, by the end of the year, this team will be the proverbial €œteam nobody wants to play€ going into the postseason.  Telfair, West, Pierce, Jefferson, and Perkins are the future, and they'll prove it in the playoffs.

There they are folks.  I probably won't bat 1.000 but if I miss, I hope it is on #4 and not #5. Feel free to add your own and feel free to tell me how wrong I am going to be.

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