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Gerald's Progress - Opposing Viewpoints?

In today's Globe, Danny Ainge has some glowing words for Gerald Green:

"I'm not discouraged with Gerald. I've been very, very happy with Gerald. We talked about him being more involved on the glass. He's using his athleticism for more things than just scoring. He's contesting shots more. There's a lot of very, very positive things I'm seeing in Gerald. I've been pleasantly surprised that he's more actively trying to use his athleticism."

This is in stark contrast to the words Doc had for the kid recently:

"Gerald is not playing well, obviously," said Rivers. "He's getting lost on defense, in transition. We've just got to keep teaching. He's a talented kid. So, we've just got to keep working with him. We try to encourage him [when he loses focus]. Then, if it happens again, you have to take him out at times for the sake of the team. He's just got to play better. He will. I'm not worried about Gerald, but I'm not satisfied with his play right now. Even with his age, I'm not satisfied. He's better than what he's played over the last five or six games."

This is probably just the dynamics of a coach looking for short term returns vs. a GM looking for long term progress.  However, to see such opposing viewpoints between the coach and GM is interesting and may be something to watch.

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